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Profile of CNC Grondstoffen B.V.

CNC Grondstoffen B.V. provides raw materials for the cultivation of mushrooms. At the locations for the production of indoor fresh compost, spawnable compost and full-grown compost, the production is carried out as optimally and constantly as possible, enabling the clients to grow a high-quality product. This is realised by mapping and monitoring the production processes as well as possible. An entry check of the raw materials plays an important part. The ongoing automation in the production process ensures a fairly constant product at the lowest possible cost price. Besides that, CNC aspires to attend  to the members/clients as well as possible with services such as filling of the products at the mushroom farms and by guiding the cultivation process at the customers.

Apart from the products mentioned above, CNC Grondstoffen B.V. also produces casing soil at a separate location in Milsbeek. This casing soil is essential for the cultivation of mushrooms. The casing soil is produced under the quality mark RHP (Regeling Handels Potgronden) (Regulation Trade Potting Compost). Besides a number of standard recipes for casing soil, casing soil mixtures which have especially been adjusted to the clients’ wishes are produced .

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